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If you're at all familiar with any of the online poker forums that are on the web, you've no doubt caught some of the buzz surrounding PokerStars' new 'Zoom Poker'. You may also be wondering what one earth it is! Well that's exactly what this article is about, so you've come to the right place.

Probably the easiest way to explain it is, if you ever played what was called 'Rush Poker' on Full Tilt, it's basically the same concept. But for those of you not familiar with it, the idea is this: rather than you sitting down to play poker on a specific table, with Zoom Poker you join a 'pool' of players (usually hundreds or often thousands).

When you're dealt a hand in a normal cash table, if you fold, you then have to sit around and wait for the hand to play out so you can be dealt with next hand - boring! Well with Zoom Poker the difference is, you can 'Fast Fold' which means you can actually ditch your hand before the action is passed to you. What happens then is you're automatically and instantly moved to another Zoom Poker table made up of players in that 'pool', where you're then dealt the next hand. And if you don't like that hand and want to fold, you can do exactly the same, over and over until you wish to play a hand.

The benefits of Zoom Poker are multiple; firstly you get to play a vastly increased number of hands per hour. If you're a serious player whose income relies on poker then this is great news! And if you're a recreational online poker player then it just means more fun, faster. Not only does it mean more hands, but more hands means more VPPs and FPPS so as well as earning more money from the hand themselves, you're building more points to cash in for rewards.

Finally the other benefit is that it's almost impossible to go on tilt through having a bad run of hands, as you can simply keep insta-folding, work through the bad run, until you get a playable hand.

The Zoom Poker tables look basically the same as normal PokerStars tables do, and they play the same apart from the fast fold feature. What happens when you fold is you can set the software to animate to the next table using three options: fade, flip and slide. Personally I prefer slide.

If you want to, you can check out how a hand played out once you fold, just by holding down the CTRL key when you click on the fast fold/fold button. So all in all what you have is a great new addition to the PokerStars game format stable. It's fast, it's a lot of fun and has a lot of benefits attached to it. I've played both Zoom and Rush Poker extensively and I much prefer Zoom - the animation is slicker, the game-play is a little faster, plus, most importantly, you have the peace of mind that comes with playing on a secure site such as Stars. Have fun at the Zoom Poker tables!

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