How Poker Bonus Terms and Conditions Work

The number one promotion for any online casino is the welcome bonus, which along with loyalty bonuses and rewards, is what gets most players to sign up, and to no wonder. With so many online casinos competing against each other, these bonuses are becoming better every time, with some casinos offering even unfair welcome bonuses and free spins that other competitive sites can rarely afford to match. If you don’t believe my word, just check out – Bonuses, Games and Reviews and browse through the whopping bonuses selection.

However, when it comes to poker bonuses, the offers can be quite different from what you normally get from your standard casino bonus, meaning that the terms of cashing out your bonus will be different as well. In order to understand them, you need to know the reasons why the terms exist, but also how they affect you as a player.

The Difference in Games

First of all, you need to understand that poker games and all other casino games are quite different in terms of what the casino profits, which is why there are different terms regulating their bonuses. Most casinos have a restriction on the games the bonuses can be used for, usually not allowing your welcome bonus to be wagered at a poker table but giving you a poker bonus instead.

The primary reason for this is that other casino games like roulette and slots are mostly games of luck, where you play against the house in hopes of winning some of your money back or hitting a nice jackpot. This means that the casino will always have a profit on games of luck, as you can’t really devise a strategy or outsmart the game with your extensive knowledge.

Poker Bonuses Explained

On the other hand, poker games are games of player against player, and the only profit the casino gains is the rake which you decide to pay during each game. This means that the casino will have a just as secure but smaller profit from your game than they would from your slot or roulette play, which is why they have different rules when they decide to give out a poker bonus.

Unlike casino bonuses where you’ll have to play through a specific amount of money before you can cash out both your deposit and bonus, poker bonuses are regulated by player/poker points and cashed out in installments.

For example, a casino lets you join and offers you a 100% match poker bonus on your deposit. When you make that deposit you will have up to 100% of your deposit to collect as a bonus, however, the cash out will not be as straightforward as the general casino bonus. In order to collect 10% of your bonus, some casinos will require you to collect up to 300 poker points, or even 5,000 for the whole bonus.

The points are usually awarded according to your rake in each poker game. Some casinos will offer 1 point for a $1-2 rake, 1-3 points for every $ you spend in a tournament entry fee, or even 10-15 for playing tournaments with higher buy-ins. The points will all depend on the casino, and what is fair will have to be decided by each player, but the point is that the longer you keep playing and the more your spend on your game the higher your chances will be of getting the full bonus.

Though it might seem unfair, the poker bonus will actually be easier to cash out (even only part of it) since your winnings and bonus will not be tied together with rollover requirements from the casino, which means that you can get your bonus portion instantly whenever you hit a certain threshold. Also, you will always be paying a rake to your game, regardless of the room, which is why the points are not an unfair requirement.

However, you should also keep in mind that some casinos may restrict the time period during which you can receive your bonus to a month or two, depending on the offer, but any points earned during that month will automatically be transformed into bonus installments.

The Bottom Line

Even though poker bonuses might seem complicated to any new player, they are very straightforward to understand once you know the basics. And even if they are more restrictive than casino bonuses, this doesn’t mean they aren’t worth your time. On the contrary, poker bonuses can be a great plus for any poker player, especially those with more experience and a deeper knowledge of the game. Since you are already playing, it doesn’t hurt to win some extra money along the way.

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